Breaking News Today on Australia

Breaking News Today on Australia

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Australians of all ages gathered across Australia this morning for dawn services and street marches commemorating Anzac Day.

Bruce Lehrmann filed an appeal within 48 hours after a judge concluded he sexually assaulted Brittany Higgins on the basis of probabilities.

Australia’s wealthiest person Gina Rinehart has given the National Gallery a portrait of herself with some surprising conditions attached.

1. A health worker has spoken out about double murderer Mark Bombara

Ariel Bombara provided a compelling and emotive speech about her and her mother’s exodus from Mosman Park in late March for fear for their lives, speaking with police three times before leaving and seeking restraining orders against their father, who owned 13 guns in their riverfront mansion home.

Roger Cook described the killings of Jennifer and Gretl Petelczyc as a shocking act, prompting widespread reflection on gendered violence across society. Tributes continue to pour in at Berkeley Cres, where Gretl was shot. Gretl was studying at UWA and an avid water polo player – making her especially mourned in this tragic tragedy.

2. A teenage girl is dead and four of her friends are rushed to hospital after a horror crash

Families of three Australians and an American who were killed in Mexico shooting have been informed that their bodies have been identified.

Labor may lose an integral constituency to redistributive changes that threaten its victory in 2022 elections.

Elon Musk has spoken out in defense of his social media platform X, saying it doesn’t censor posts depicting a bishop being attacked during a sermon.

Hideki Tokoro wears a whale tie and toy whale hat, eating whale meat as part of his diet, yet doesn’t aim to protect these magnificent mammals – rather he intends to kill them off!

3. Bruce Lehrmann has lodged a last-minute appeal after a judge found he raped Brittany Higgins

Bruce Lehrmann filed an appeal after being found liable in Brittany Higgins’ sexual assault. He hired media law expert Guy Reynolds as his counsel in this high-stakes Federal Court action.

Justice Michael Lee ruled that former Liberal staffer Patrick Higgins defamed Ten and presenter Lisa Wilkinson during their interview regarding his rape claim against Ms Higgins in 2019.

Mr Lee concluded that it is likely Lehrmann was so focused on satisfying himself that he was “indifferent” as to whether Ms Higgins consented or not for sexual intercourse.

4. The Aussie star famously pulled out of 2002’s Panic Room after reportedly getting injured on-set

Accounts is back with its seventh season, its stars still taking time to adjust to its immense success.

She first made headlines for her roles in films like Pirates of the Caribbean and Titans, before continuing her career on television for years.

Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister has traveled deep into its mountainous highlands to meet survivors of a landslide that left several dozen dead and hundreds more missing.

Joe Biden, one of the Democrat presidential contenders, has taken aim at Donald Trump as part of an attempt to frame this election as a referendum against him and it seems to be working so far.

5. The Princess of Wales has barely been glimpsed since Christmas

Royals fans may have experienced some unrest recently. According to reports, however, it appears this might soon change.

Over the coming days, an expected 5,000km-long cloud band could cover Australia from New South Wales (NSW) to Tasmania.

Bruce Lehrmann has sent shockwaves through the legal community by suggesting he will represent himself in his high-stakes Federal Court appeal. A serial rapist who preyed upon victims in Bondi and Marrickville has finally been brought to justice after almost two decades, while in sports Western Bulldogs star Marcus Bontempelli shared some words for his team-mates after their victory against Cronulla.

6. Fact: musk sticks make the perfect margarita

Australia is a vast continent that houses unique plants and animals – including the Great Barrier Reef. This nation of diversity boasts one of the longest histories of democracy and stability worldwide.

Visitors come to Australia in droves to experience its incredible natural beauty, from Uluru’s red soil desert and lush forests, to swimming, surfing, sailing, tennis, soccer, cricket and rugby – as well as Aussie Rules football which was indigenously invented here! The climate and open spaces make Australia ideal for outdoor activities like swimming, surfing sailing sailing tennis soccer cricket rugby rugby…and much more.

7. A serial rapist who preyed on victims in Bondi and Marrickville has finally been brought to justice

An accused serial rapist preying upon victims in Bondi and Marrickville has finally been brought to justice thanks to familial DNA technology which allowed authorities to identify distant relatives from among his targets.

Bruce Lehrmann filed an urgent appeal after Justice Michael Lee determined he raped Brittany Higgins based on a balance of probabilities. Lehrmann will contend he was denied procedural fairness during his case.

The new Myer boss is supported by high-profile partners to turn around its struggling department store. Frontline police will see increased pay and improved rosters under an agreement struck recently, while efforts are being undertaken to locate Tasmanian Tigers — officially declared extinct decades ago but now found in the wild.


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