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breaking news today on australia

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An individual accused of unlawful trespass at a family’s Queensland home has appeared before court over charges related to his trespassing activities.

An ex-NSW Attorney-General has advocated for change in how domestic violence offenders are treated; but will Labor take note?

A mother’s devastating experience

Court records have laid bare the shocking crimes of two men accused of sexually abusing their own children.

New York Police have cleared away a group of pro-Palestine protesters from Columbia University campus.

Elon Musk’s social media platform X has justified publishing videos depicting the fatal stabbing of an Australian bishop at a Sydney shopping mall as part of public discussion.

Millions of Australians could receive a much-needed $1,000 boost, as power prices and inflation continue to strain household budgets.

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The gender pay gap

Gender pay gap issues remain an intractable problem that requires multiple solutions. While women still earn less than men on average, this gap is closing over time due to increased education and work experience of female employees.

Researchers are discovering that occupational differences account for much of the remaining pay gap. Women tend to be underrepresented in higher-paying fields such as STEM and management while overrepresented in lower-paying fields like education and health care.

To remedy this problem, companies must facilitate employees in comparing salaries. By creating more transparency for them to do this, employees will discover whether there is any pay gap that needs redress or other remedies; ultimately leading to a fairer world for all.

The housing crisis

Australians and their politicians alike are preoccupied with the housing crisis. The issue is driven by high house prices, rising rental costs, and an insufficient supply of new properties.

Due to these factors, millions of Australians find themselves trapped in an untenable position: some must purchase expensive homes without sufficient income, and others are locked into rental markets where vacancy levels have hit record-lows and rents are increasing at an unprecedented pace.

The government is using various levers, such as increasing foreign homebuyer fees and creating an affordable housing scheme, but these measures only scratch the surface of an outdated system that needs fundamental overhaul. People are being forced into homelessness and overcrowded living situations while others tap their retirement accounts to finance purchasing a home.

The rise of social media

Social media may have its critics, but its benefits cannot be understated: from improving how we receive news to forever democratising politics (good or bad). Furthermore, it has helped those living under oppressive regimes organize and communicate more efficiently than ever.

Sam Walker may return to South Sydney while his loved ones seek answers about Keith Titmuss’ death over three years later. Additionally, an associate of exiled gangland boss Kaz Hamad’s flashy lifestyle and alleged crimes has come into the light during a bail application hearing.

New figures demonstrate that TikTok remains profitable in Australia. Millions of Australians should see an unexpected $1,000 bump due to rising electricity and inflation costs and inflation pressures on household budgets, while watercolour illustrations featuring fictional Harry Potter are expected to fetch exorbitant prices at auctions.

The rise of mortgage brokers

Mortgage brokers have quickly become the go-to option for Australian home buyers, reaching unprecedented market shares. Recent broker data compiled by Comparator and commissioned by MFAA indicates that brokers now account for almost 70% of new home loans issued.

But Best cautions prospective brokers of the risks of burnout that can force them to retire or close their businesses. He points out that many mortgage broker businesses rely solely on one loan writer, making them feel isolated; adding that it was important for brokers to collaborate together and share business among themselves as well as bring on board other professionals into their businesses.


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