Breaking News Today on Australia

Breaking News Today on Australia

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Recent events in Australia range from mass whale strandings in Dunsborough and Essendon and Collingwood’s clash on the field to new figures showing bracket creep has driven Australian tax bills up faster than in most developed economies.

Prime Minister Peter Turnbull marked Anzac Day by touring Papua New Guinea’s treacherous Kokoda Track.

1. A man stabbed to death at a Sydney shopping centre

Six people were killed and more than 60 others injured at a Sydney shopping centre after an assailant attacked with knives on Saturday afternoon, killing himself before being shot dead by police inspector. Joel Cauchi, who initiated the stabbing spree, was ultimately shot by law enforcement agents pursuing him and shot dead shortly thereafter.

As news of the attack spread, people began fleeing and hiding within stores. One woman hiding at David Jones department store’s multi-level break room reported feeling scared but managed to flee as heavily armed police arrived and stormed through.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese lauded the police officer who chased and shot dead an assailant, calling her an incredible inspector who “rushed without thought to danger without considering herself,” saving lives with her actions. As a result of Ms Good’s heroic act, her young nine-month-old daughter is in hospital in serious but stable condition, while other victims are receiving care at St Vincent’s, Royal Prince Alfred and Prince of Wales hospitals.

2. A man dies after falling 20 metres from a wind tower in central Queensland

One man in their 30s has died after falling 20 metres from a wind tower in central Queensland. Soon, Melburnians will be able to ride Melbourne’s troubled Ferris wheel after it was agreed upon as federal government funding by PM in Papua New Guinea where he commemorated Australians who died on Kokoda Track and revealed in Trump hush money trial text messages from former National Enquirer editor Dylan Howard concerning Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Scientists have several theories as to why this nocturnal marsupial enjoys taking power naps during the daytime hours. Additionally, the Roosters continue their pursuit of four trophies this season while Sam Walker tormented the Dragons on Anzac Day; but one Sydney suburb could experience peak Sydney. Lawyers for bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel oppose taking down a video showing his stabbing from online platforms; furthermore a North Coast P-plater consumed alcohol while driving and collided with police vehicles in an open field during Anzac Day services.

3. A gardener has been taken into custody after a man and woman were found dead at a home north of Brisbane

Police have charged Frederick Steel Sayers, 26, a gardener at their Burpengary East gated property as being involved in both murder and attempted murder of Nicholas Reeves 74 who died and his 71 year old wife who sustained critical head injuries following an argument at their home on Thursday morning. Frederick was unknown to either victim but police believe that on that same morning Frederick was conducting gardening work on their gated property – they called police out after receiving reports that Nicholas Reeves died on Thursday while his wife received critical injuries that required medical treatment on Thursday morning after an altercation between couple on Thursday morning after receiving reports about Nicholas Reeves being found deceased while his 71-year old wife had also sustained serious head injuries from their home dispute on Thursday morning.

Mr Sayers from Beachmere will appear before Pine Rivers Magistrates Court on Friday. Police seized tools from his property and forensic officers took photos of evidence at its interior. Neighbours John and Julie Roscarel told Courier Mail they knew them well.

4. The Prime Minister has marked Anzac Day in Papua New Guinea

Prime Minister Christopher Albanese marked Anzac Day by joining his PNG counterpart for an Anzac Trail walk, in memory of 600 Australians who lost their lives along its treacherous course. Mr Albanese noted how walking the treacherous Kokoda Track served as an important symbol of shared history while paying respects to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice along its length.

Police have arrested seven teenage males over suspected links with Sydney shopping mall attacker and his extremist ideology, while Elon Musk, founder of X Corp, has given his support for government’s bid to require tech platforms to remove videos of Wakeley church stabbing from their platforms.

Cobram family have paid their last respects to a beloved murdered woman who they remember having the biggest heart of anyone they knew, while details about an alleged Duke of Sussex bullying scandal emerge. Also making news: mass whale stranding; South Sydney travels to Melbourne looking to break record; and Giants rookie scores his first goal! Keep up with live action by following us here.


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