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breaking news today on australia

An innovative new technology is revolutionising how anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs) are treated.

Private colleges are being warned against recruiting fake students, the treasurer is increasing rent assistance payments and debate about deportation laws continues. Meanwhile, Callum and Jake Robinson’s father is facing kidnapping charges in Mexico while one of those who survived the Bondi stabbing massacre has opened up about her unique relationship with one of its survivors.

AI Revolution

Whereas in the US the income gains of this productivity mega boom are distributed among capital via profits and labour via rising wages, Australia could reach peak inequality as technology shifts – creating an AI winter where income, jobs, and GDP leave our economy due to electric robot cars, weight loss drugs, or intelligent medical software becoming more efficient than our economy can support.

Elon Musk claims the AI firm he helped establish prioritizes money over helping humanity, while online content generated by machines to game algorithms or scam people continues to proliferate.

AI Hiring

AI technology has quickly become a go-to choice in recruitment. According to experts, using it can expedite hiring processes and minimize risks of bad hires; additionally, AI helps eliminate bias by selecting only suitable individuals for each position.

However, it’s essential to recognize the limitations of AI and take steps to avoid bias results. Some AI tools could have an unfair bias against women or older workers; furthermore, some may violate laws by discriminating based on gender or age.

Australian business leaders tend to appreciate candidates with AI skills more, with 34% saying they wouldn’t hire anyone without these capabilities compared to just 22% globally. This represents an above-average rate.

AI Rentals

Australia’s rental market is in disarray, with rents reaching their highest levels since the Great Depression. Labor’s pledge to freeze rent increases in next week’s budget could save families up to $2424 annually in rent costs.

Generative AI is revolutionizing online renting, making it simpler and faster to find your ideal home. By screening applicants’ credit histories, employment records, and rental references, Generative AI helps weed out unsuitable applicants while mitigating default risks to ensure a safe community of tenants.

An Australian real estate agent was recently criticised for using ChatGPT AI prompt in their property listing advertisement, leading them to give an inaccurate description of a Balwyn North rental home that actually existed 50 km away in Manor Lakes.

AI Theft

Australian police are issuing an alert regarding an alarming trend of “deepfake” scams, in which hackers use images or video clips that look similar to loved ones or celebrities to deceive people into making fake investments or providing their personal details in order to obtain money or information theft.

An ex-Google software engineer, Linwei Ding, has been charged with misappropriating trade secrets related to artificial intelligence (AI). His indictment alleges he shared this data with Chinese employers and competitors; such data included prompts people submitted to ChatGPT; account/payment info; keystroke data, search and chat history records as well as more.

AI Retirement

AustralianSuper, Australia’s largest retirement plan, is developing artificial intelligence tools to assist participants in understanding their retirement savings and investments. This step is key, given that the retirement industry is highly regulated and compliance needs must be strictly adhered to.

Recent events involving Sydney waste firm and an elderly woman’s $411,000 retirement savings demonstrate how vulnerable our system can be. Experts advise keeping an eye out for emerging trends and security issues as well as making wise investment decisions using artificial intelligence; consult an adviser before investing your money to ensure you receive maximum return.

AI Bed

Elon Musk-backed mattress gadget is coming to Australia, much to the delight of presidents, rappers and celebrities.

DeRucci’s smart bed boasts an AI sleep consultant – like having access to mattress experts, sleep scientists and life coaches all at the touch of a button!

An innovative teacher is changing lives through her innovative teaching method in the classroom, while NSW parents demand greater transparency as school catchment changes leave homebuyers without an education option. Meanwhile, an accused ringleader in Mexico for Perth brothers murders appeared before court and has pleaded not guilty – with 84% of Australian workers using AI tools on a regular basis at work.


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