Breaking News Today on Australia

Breaking News Today on Australia

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breaking news today on australia

Breaking news today from Australia. A nurse and her two young daughters were tragically killed in a car fire, while mining companies are moving swiftly against rivals, decades old palm trees in St Kilda are burning, and a drug which can stop deadly cancer will soon be made subsidised for Australians.

1. A nurse and her two young daughters killed in a car fire

A nurse and her two young daughters have tragically perished in a fiery car fire in Melbourne.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is encouraging Australian men to stand against gendered violence.

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2. A mining company swooping in on a rival

BHP Billiton is making a transformative $60bn bid to acquire coal and copper rival Anglo American, but investors see the offer as being overly lucrative given Anglo’s depressed valuation on FTSE 100.

Elon Musk’s social media platform X has come under scrutiny over posts showing an Australian bishop being attacked during his sermon, part of a wider discussion on the role that tech companies such as themselves play in online censorship.

3. A mother killed in a plane crash

One mother has died in an air crash near Alice Springs in Australia’s Outback region; however, her daughter escaped unharmed.

Locals fear planes flying low overhead could crash into their homes, but authorities maintain this risk is minimal.

Civil contractors and the building sector warn of how Australia’s “Made in Australia” initiative is driving up construction costs and exacerbating housing shortages.

4. A teenager charged after an alleged robbery

Video footage has emerged showing an audacious robbery attempt that caused havoc at a Sydney shopping centre.

A teenager was charged after allegedly going on an alleged crime spree while on bail for 94 offences. Police facts tendered in court alleged the 15-year-old and her 14-year-old co-accused threatened a student at knifepoint before fleeing from the scene and prompting police to launch a manhunt for both suspects.

5. A major civil construction business collapses

The construction industry is grappling with an unprecedented storm. From deposit payments by new homebuyers, to cash-rich infrastructure companies competing for workers and cheap credit ending resulting in reduced dwelling approvals – everything in this sector is collapsing.

Two of Australia’s biggest civil construction firms have gone bust owing millions in debts to creditors. Contractors and subcontractors could find themselves out of pocket while many jobs may also go with them.

6. A gardener accused of murder

Gardener Carl Ackerley has been charged with murder after an elderly couple were found dead, one critically injured at their Burpengary East home this morning and another critically injured with head trauma. Police conducted a welfare check and discovered Mr Nicholas Reeves had died while Mrs Suzanne Reeves remained critically injured at the scene of their home north of Brisbane.

Frederick Steel Sayers, 26, from Beachmere was arrested and has been charged with murdering both women. He did not apply for bail at Pine Rivers Court.

7. A 10-year-old boy allegedly snatched from a park

Parents in Melbourne are shocked that an unknown woman managed to gain entry to a school and abduct one of their children during drop-off time.

Police in Sydney have arrested seven teenagers as part of a counterterrorism operation. Police allege the teens share “religiously motivated violent extremist ideology”, and could be linked to an Assyrian bishop being stabbed during an online sermon last week.

Elon Musk’s social media platform X has come forward to defend their decision to publish videos depicting the stabbing.

8. A father-to-be is warning young Australians of an “epidemic”

Sucker-punching children has created a generation that’s too fragile to adapt to life’s challenges, according to Professor Haidt. These youngsters tend to engage in the sort of thinking characteristic of depression – catastrophizing and black and white thinking – which may contribute to depression.

Bishop at church where stabbing victim was killed delivered his inaugural sermon since attack and called upon men to take responsibility in eliminating violence against women.

9. A former CIA chief is convinced he’s a victim of Havana syndrome

An ex-CIA station chief in Havana claims he’s convinced he’s one of the victims in relation to mysterious health symptoms affecting US officials overseas.

He joins 60 Minutes to share his story and how he believes debilitating symptoms could have been caused by directed energy. Accompanied by former CIA Russia expert and brain health specialist.

10. A young family are desperately looking for a new place to live

Home ownership on a modest block has long been seen as the embodiment of Australian ideals; but for many young families today this dream may no longer be within their reach.

Two weeks ago, up to nine bullets were fired into Hardeep Kaur’s family home in Sydney’s western suburbs.

She’s currently house hunting, desperately searching for an affordable place to call home – but there’s just one problem.


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