Breaking News Today on Australia

Breaking News Today on Australia

Caloundra Comments Off 12

At one point, the Warriors appeared hopeless, out of form and without Shaun Johnson; yet they delivered an unforgettable Magic Round victory against reigning premiers in an astonishing upset victory.

Gunmen opened fire in a market in central Afghanistan, killing at least six people — including an Australian.

Elon Musk’s X company is feeling the impact as Australia tightens eligibility criteria for student visas.

1. A man is fighting for his life after being stabbed multiple times in broad daylight.

Australian police are warning people to avoid Sydney shopping malls while the man who stabbed multiple shoppers during lunchtime remains at large. A man was left fighting for his life after being stabbed multiple times at wide daylight.

Chantelle McDougall and Leela McKenzie’s uncle has raised funds to launch an investigation into their disappearance in 2007. Canberra’s drug-checking website issued a red community notice for N-pyrrolidino protonitazene, an opioid synthetic found in granular brown powder presented for testing by someone.

Belle Gibson was found guilty of fraudstery but will never reveal her past, according to her brother, while NSW politician Graham Roberts wants stricter penalties on employers who contact workers after hours. Meanwhile Melbourne CBD remains tense as pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli protesters clash and Melbourne’s CBD remains tense with pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli demonstrators clashing, while plans are underway by government for energy retailers to help customers pay less for power as part of its budget; road safety will also see reinstating demerit point return schemes and tightening up on libel laws.

2. A well-known children’s author charged with the alleged grooming of a teenage girl online.

Oliver Phommavanh has been charged with grooming of a teenage girl online in Sydney’s western suburb of Old Guildford on Friday morning, after Strike Force Trawler received an interstate report about the alleged grooming a month prior. Police allege the 41-year-old sent inappropriate photos he believed belonged to someone under 13 years old and sent inappropriate material directly. Police arrested him at a home located there where his arrest took place on Friday morning and initiated their own investigation of this alleged misconduct. He was arrested upon discovering an interstate report and initiated their own investigation as soon as this month on receiving interstate reports about grooming allegations interstate reported it occurred this month from this event in Australia’s west, old Guildford area which led police from Strike Force Trawler received reports about this suspected grooming earlier this month from Queensland about alleged grooming which resulted in Strike Force Trawler receiving an interstate report which began their own investigation on this accused person’s home address. On Friday morning he was arrested from Old Guildford home which house after Strike Force Trawler received reports interstate about this reported grooming report earlier this month from Queensland which Strike Force Trawler began their own investigation of this incident earlier on its own investigation was launched by Strike Force Trawler received interstate report of suspected grooming activity earlier. He was taken into custody on Friday morning from where Strike Force Trawler began their own investigation to begin their own investigation and launched their own.

Former primary school teacher, comedian, and children’s writer Mr Phommavanh has written numerous books such as Thai-riffic!, The Other Christy, and Con-nerd. Additionally he has participated on literary panels as an advocate against global illiteracy and gender inequality through organisation Room to Read as well as having television credits including being an ambassador of the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge. Following his arrest by police officers a number of devices were seized from his residence before appearing at Parramatta Local Court on July 9.

3. A police officer has been stabbed in the head while working near an inner city park.

On Sunday afternoon near Hyde Park, a man was attacked with a 30cm kitchen knife, leaving multiple cuts that required medical treatment by paramedics before being transported to hospital for further care. Paramedics treated non-life-threatening head injuries at the scene before transporting him off.

He is scheduled to return shortly. On June 22, an alleged 33-year-old offender approached two police officers on traffic duties at Castlereagh and Park streets and threatened them, brandishing his weapon while being pursued and tasered by officers. Eventually he ran away but continued brandishing it while being pursued and tasered.

Australia’s treasurer has strongly criticised the Coalition’s plan to reduce immigration, saying it will cost billions and only marginally mitigate housing affordability issues. Labor’s Anthony Albanese addressed delegates at Victoria state conference to celebrate their 2023-24 budget and take aim at the Coalition.

Two crime scenes have been set up near Castlereagh Street and Park Street, and a man is currently detained at Sydney Central Police Station. Police advise people to avoid the area which will remain closed off until further notice.

4. A former Australian army lawyer has been sentenced to almost six years in prison for leaking classified information.

An Australian army lawyer was sentenced to six years of incarceration for providing classified information to journalists for use in a 2017 ABC series on allegations of war crimes committed by Australian special forces in Afghanistan. Judge McBride rejected McBride’s defense argument that he did not believe he was breaking any laws, saying his offenses were compounded by having access to confidential material given his high security rating and access rights.

These documents formed the basis of ABC’s “Afghan Files” series which exposed war crimes allegations – including Australian special forces’ illegal killing of civilians and prisoners. Following its broadcast, a military inquiry recommended 19 soldiers face prosecution as war criminals while compensation be provided to victims’ families.

Australia’s treasurer has strongly condemned the Coalition’s plan to reduce immigration levels, saying it will cost billions and only help marginally address housing affordability problems.


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