Tourist Destinations In Sunshine Coast

Tourist Destinations In Sunshine Coast

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Sunshine Coast is a paradise for those who love nature and outdoor activities. It is home to some of the best beaches in the world. Moreover, it has an array of water sports and scenic attractions like The Living Desert and Ngurra Rockhole. Here’s our list of tourist destinations in Sunshine Coast. 1. Mungallala Country Park, Queensland

Mango Gum Place

This national park is located in the centre of Sunshine Coast and offers people a chance to get back to nature. The park occupies an area of 50km2 with lakes, streams only few kilometers away from the ocean along mango plantations giving beautiful view all around it. It also has silent beaches “Mango Point” which provides guests peaceful retreats while being served twice weekly by both rowers or canoes along its 3 km shoreline are loved loyalists that have been sharing their experiences for many years past earning this unique beach the name, from the local Aborigines “Mango Gum Place”.

Maroochydore Town

This spot is a preferred place for locals adjoining both Gympie and Maroochydore towns to head next their morning walks with family members or pure relaxation seekers who enjoy spending tranquil moments by its alluring charms of marshes fizzling blue oomyngs under an azure sky filled giant waters meeting silvery lines of surface dancing shadows onto tiles reflected into clear glassy depths beyond ensuring that it has been given this epithet as most appropriate since many have discovered just how mystical they are whilst being cherished by the beauty and magic of it all.


While enjoying Mungallala, guests can also do some shopping or fishing among many fun activities that take place here including boating at its picturesque islands like Snapper Island only a short distance away from numerous other coves such as Gunyah Islands where you can enjoy swimming through transparent water lanes of smallish waves crossing lazy sandy beaches without ever touching them !! . Other tourist attractions near mungallo country park include Maroochydore harbour which is surrounded by both wildlife and woodlands with Birdwatching centres & aqua gardens to be enjoyed along with other activities like Cultural & crafts Markets to name a few.

Heals Pool

Heals Pool is another great place for swimming taking you through cool clear water where tropical fish swim by them selves creating abundance of colours reds, browns and blues all around its grandest reputation attracting wild life divers or snorkellers wanting get close enough in order to observe enormous sting rays only metres from the rim’s edge keeping this pool pumping with action despite being one of fourteen others dotted throughout flora carpeting most sections of Australia . Snapper Island a short distance away is a paradise in itself allowing early morning fishing expeditions for those wanting to take a dip where many have been mysteriously drawn by the enchanting magic of this little paradise constantly being filled with local natural activity from land & up-close water which is not only stunning it bears an otherworldly beauty and warmth like you’d previously be unable to imagine.

Mungallala’s Lake Conjola

Another option apart from boating should visitors wish include swimming at Mungallala’s Lake Conjola where stalwarts gather during summer or winter time to experience bobbing trips through quite calm waters serving as home entertainment for particularly hyperactive minded guests !! . Along the road there lies Smiths Creek a place where locals can throw in a bait-line for their netball team whilst the girls enjoy an occasional barbecue at a local campsite where kids make sandcastles allowing them to play without interruption from aeroplanes.

The sites of these places are not only stunning but enjoyable all leaving you asking why? “” this question, or one similar to it is something that every Australian seeking comfortable & peaceful endeavours really wishes could be answered ..!


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