Sunshine Coast Zoning Maps and Habitat Atlas

Sunshine Coast Zoning Maps and Habitat Atlas

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sunshine coast zoning maps

A set of statutory documents is the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme. Funded by ratepayers, the scheme aims to set the rules for development on the Sunshine Coast. It applies to all new residential and commercial developments in the region, and regulates the use of land, buildings, and structures. It includes local plans, tables of assessment, and overlays (codes and maps). This is what residents and commercial developers follow when undertaking building projects on the Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) has created a web mapping service called “Habitat Atlas.” This tool brings together the data from the SCRD’s GIS, allowing you to access downloadable PDF products, GIS data layers, and interactive web mapping applications. You can view the habitat map, and see the zoning map in your area.


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