Sunshine Coast Vs Cairns – The Best Places to Go in Australia

Sunshine Coast Vs Cairns – The Best Places to Go in Australia

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sunshine coast vs cairns

Whether you are looking for a holiday in the Sunshine Coast or Cairns, the options are limitless. You can find yourself in the heart of the tropical north, in the Atherton Tablelands, in the Noosa Heads, or in the theme parks. Choosing the right destination can make all the difference between a relaxing vacation or a thrilling adventure.

The weather

Despite their different climates, the weather on Sunshine Coast vs Cairns is quite similar, albeit a bit hotter in the summer and cooler in the winter. The two cities share some common features, like their warm, tropical weather and good public transport systems.

The weather on Sunshine Coast vs Cairns are both ideal for water sports. The beaches in both cities are very clean and safe.

The weather on Sunshine Coast vsCairns is not really cold, although there are times when the temperature drops to 10oC overnight. In the winter, the maximum temperature is usually between 18oC and early 20’s.

In the warmer months, the sea temperature averages 25oC to 27oC. This is more than enough for swimming in the warm waters.

The Sunshine Coast has a rainy season, but it is short-lived. The average rainfall per month is around 300mm. The wet season is characterized by heavy storm-like showers.

The theme parks

Whether you are visiting Australia or just passing through, you can find the best theme parks in both the Sunshine Coast and Cairns. You can also experience some of the unique experiences that the country has to offer.

In Queensland, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get in touch with nature. You can visit the wildlife sanctuaries found throughout the state. You can also take part in snorkeling tours to get up close to the marine life. You can also experience the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.

If you’re looking for thrills, you’ll want to visit Dreamworld. This theme park is the biggest in Australia. It has rides, shows, food, and more. The park has more attractions than most theme parks, including the tallest and fastest thrill rides in Australia.

The adventure capital of our tropical north

Located 100 kilometers north of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast boasts a laid-back lifestyle, family-friendly beaches, and a slew of outdoor activities. From the aptly named surf city of Coolum to the buzzworthy seaside town of Maroochydore, there’s something for everyone.

While this part of Australia is known for its beaches, it’s also home to the country’s largest rainforest. Among its most notable features is the Daintree Rainforest, which is arguably the oldest tropical rain forest in the world.

For thrill-seekers, the Sunshine Coast has it all. Among the many activities on offer are snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, and fishing. For culture buffs, this region is also home to the nation’s cultural capital, Maroochydore. A plethora of art galleries and museum exhibits can be found in this area.

Noosa Heads

Whether you’re visiting Noosa for a short break or a weeklong vacation, there are a number of things to do in the area. From surfing to hiking, there are a variety of ways to spend a day in Noosa. Here are some of the best places to go in the area.

A must-see is the Noosa National Park. The park is home to whales, dolphins, and koalas, as well as secluded beaches and hidden swimming holes. The park is also popular for snorkeling and rock climbing. It is divided into four sections.

Another must-see is the Laguna Lookout. It is a great spot to see the sunset and offers a different perspective on the surrounding mountains and waterways. You can also try paddleboarding. The water here is very calm, so it’s easy to glide across the water.

Atherton Tablelands

Located in the far north of Queensland, Atherton Tablelands is the perfect destination for travellers looking for an Australian tour that is a little cooler than the city. This region is known for its diverse landscapes, unique roadways and diverse wildlife. Whether you’re visiting for a day or a week, Atherton Tablelands has something for every traveler.

The best time to visit Atherton Tablelands is in the cooler months. From December through April, the temperatures are cool enough to allow you to enjoy the many outdoor activities.

Atherton Tablelands is a place where you can experience a wide range of wildlife and waterfalls. The region is a patchwork of wetlands, rainforest, and volcanic crater lakes. These areas are ideal for hiking, camping, and wildlife experiences.


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