Sunshine Coast FC – Goals and Future Plans

Sunshine Coast FC – Goals and Future Plans

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The Sunshine Coast Football Club are a club that play in the National League. They are in a position of being relegated and they have also got a youth development program in place. This article will discuss the goals of the team as well as their future plans.

Goals per match

Sunshine Coast has an average of 3.2 goals per match. They have scored 26 goals so far in the Queensland Premier League, and have conceded 38. The best goal they have scored was in the Queensland Premier League on June 8. Their most recent match was against Rochedale Rovers, and they won 4-2.

If you are interested in a more comprehensive analysis of their achievements, check out their Team and League Statistics. There is also a Detailed Result Comparison. You can compare the Sunshine Coast’s performance to those of other Australian clubs, such as Mitchelton FC and Gold Coast United.

One of the most impressive achievements of Sunshine Coast is their under 2.5 percentage. This is their highest ever in the Australian Queensland Premier League.

xG Against

As football moves into the 21st century, statistical analysis has become more important to the game. xG is one of the most common metrics used to assess a team’s abilities. There are many factors that go into calculating xG.

The metric is very powerful and can help predict a future performance. Aside from providing a clearer picture of a game, it can also be used to bet in the ante-post market.

XG is calculated by type of shot, type of assist, and the angle and distance of a shot. It is important to note that a negative xG difference can be a sign of poor finishing.

Over / Under goals

The Sunshine Coast FC have a decent record, but are a bit under priced. With the exception of their last five games, they have only scored in one game at home. However, with 14 wins from their 18 matches, they are well on their way to making the top four. So how much over or under will they score?

A glance at the Sunshine Coast statistics suggests that they have a total of 3.2 goals per match, which is the third highest in the competition. They have also seen a total of 11 shots per game. This is compared to their opponents who have averaged 1.2 per match.


The Sunshine Coast Football Club has been relegated from the National Premier Leagues Queensland, a feat akin to the NFL’s relegation from the Big Apple to Brooklyn. They are now competing in the Football Queensland Premier League, a competition based in the Sunshine Coast.

The club has had a rather rough go of it over the last few years, but a few changes have made a difference. For one thing, owner Melvyn Wilkes has overhauled the sporting organisation, taking it from a mediocre soccer club to a viable force in the sporting community.

While the club has been relegated to the lower tier of the state’s premier football competition, it still remains a major player in the youth development game. One of the most successful developments is the formation of a full-time academy, which is the only of its kind in Australia. This will not only attract more international teams, it will also make the Sunshine Coast College a premier venue for sports training and development.

Youth development program

The Sunshine Coast Football Club has transformed itself into the state’s premier youth development program. In recent years, the club has undergone a major rebranding, merging its private school with its football team. This has resulted in an exciting new full-time football academy attracting interest from both locals and overseas.

One of the club’s most notable initiatives is its Community Game Development Program, spearheaded by former Brisbane Broncos player Jack Reed. This is designed to help young people in the area develop lifelong skills in team sports.

Sunshine Coast FC also has an impressive record of developing youth players, having won three championships in the 2008-2012 Queensland Soccer League. As a result, the club is now one of Australia’s top youth development clubs.

Future plans

The Sunshine Coast Football Club has taken on a new look under its Sporting and Technical Director, Melvyn Wilkes. The club has rebranded as a ‘hub’ for youth development. Its full-time academy is attracting interest from all over Australia.

Sunshine Coast FC has a long-term strategy to build its youth program from a junior level up to a senior level. This plan was formulated when the club’s owners were seeking a longer-term strategy.

One of the key components of this strategy was the creation of a full-time academy. It is only one of its kind in Australia. In addition, it is attracting interest from overseas parties.


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