Sunshine Coast Attempts to Double Its Immunisation Rate

Sunshine Coast Attempts to Double Its Immunisation Rate

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The Sunshine Coast is attempting to double its vaccination rate and is opening a community vaccination hub on Friday. This initiative aims to improve the region’s jab rates, which are well behind the state and national average. Officials hope to reach 80 per cent by Christmas and reopen the region’s borders. The vaccination clinic opened in June, but the attendance rate was well below the original goal.

The Sunshine Coast is not the only region in Australia with low vaccination rates. In fact, it ranks last in Queensland in this area, with vaccination rates falling three percent below the state average. However, vaccination rates are improving in most parts of the Coast and are expected to continue to rise in the future. And the Sunshine Coast vaccination rate is still below the national average, which is 90 per cent.

In recent weeks, the state government has been actively working to increase the vaccination rates of children in Queensland. In addition to running more than 100 “pop-up” vaccination clinics in public places like schools, shopping centres, and other popular family locations, health authorities have stepped up their marketing efforts to promote vaccination of children.

The rates in Queensland are below the national average, and some councils have lower vaccination rates than others. Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Scenic Rim all have lower vaccination rates than the rest of the state. The region’s metro areas used to be better than the rest of the state, but recently the vaccination rate in Brisbane fell below 90 per cent. Further south, the Gold Coast is behind the state average, and has only a 78 per cent rate for children under the age of five.

Researchers hope that these findings will help to understand why some parents hold anti-vaccination attitudes. Having an understanding of these attitudes may aid in the development of more targeted health campaigns. The Sunshine Coast is one of the fastest-growing regional areas in Australia. It has experienced a growth rate of 1.21% to 2.24% in recent years, making it important to address the region’s diverse landscape in developing local-relevant vaccination programs.

However, there is still a dearth of research investigating the underlying psychological motivators affecting anti-vaccination attitudes among parents on the Sunshine Coast. There are several factors identified as highly significant predictors of anti-vaccination attitudes, including distrust of government agencies, psychological reactance, and conspiracy theories.


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