Flights From Sunshine Coast to Melbourne

Flights From Sunshine Coast to Melbourne

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Booking early can save money when flying from Sunshine Coast to Melbourne as prices tend to increase closer to departure date.

If your schedule allows, consider taking advantage of a flight with a layover for significant savings while still arriving at your destination on schedule. This option could provide significant time- and money-saving opportunities!

Cheap Flights

Are you searching for cheap flights between Sunshine Coast and Melbourne? KAYAK has found plenty of deals on both one-way and round trip airfares from Sunshine Coast Airport (MCY) located in Marcoola with flights connecting with over fifty domestic locations and sixteen international ones, starting as low as AU$223.

Flights between Sunshine Coast and Melbourne typically last less than 2 hours, giving you plenty of time for wine and snacks before landing. With 10 airlines providing flights between MCY and MEL, it should be easy to find budget flights that suit both your schedule and budget needs.

Airfares depend on the season. In general, one-way and round trip flights from Sunshine Coast to Melbourne tend to be the cheapest between September and February for both one-way and round trip flights.

Plan ahead and book early to save on flights between Sunshine Coast and Melbourne. Last-minute bookings may also provide great opportunities, with flights as low as AU$117 one way and AU$223 round trip! As prices can change quickly, create an alert so you’ll know when prices have dropped significantly.

Flights from MCY to MEL

By taking a direct flight between Sunshine Coast and Melbourne, you’ll save both time and money. There will also be many connecting flights available from airlines like Jetstar and Virgin Australia; bargain hunters should consider booking their ticket outside peak season for optimal savings.

With roughly 10 direct flights each day from MCY to MEL, getting to this remarkable city won’t take long. Average tickets start from just under AU$223 per person while premium cabin options can start from more.

Tullamarine Airport serves Melbourne and lies 20 kilometers (12 miles) outside its downtown core. There’s plenty to see and do here – its many acclaimed restaurants and museums alone make the journey worthwhile!

City centres are easily navigable on foot, but if you want to save some time on your journey, purchase a reloadable myki card for unlimited rides on buses and trams; alternatively taxis or rideshare services may provide more convenient travel. Weather forecasts should always be checked prior to visiting any destination as quickly changing conditions can necessitate warm clothing in summer while raincoats or umbrellas will come in handy during autumn and winter seasons.

Flights from MEL to MCY

Flights between Melbourne and Sunshine Coast are available all year long. Summer is often considered the ideal time for visiting Melbourne; however, winter and autumn can still offer stunning sights to be seen!

Direct flights between Melbourne International Airport (MEL) and Maroochydore Sunshine Coast Airport (MCY) are offered each week and take approximately 2 hours, offering flights with various airlines such as Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Qantas.

If you want to save on airfare, look into Business or Premium Economy flights – they usually provide extra perks and comfort that help you travel in style without breaking the bank!

Traveling around the city is easy with a reloadable myki card that offers access to trains, buses and trams – not forgetting ride-share services, taxis or hop-on hop-off sightseeing buses! For an alternative experience of CBD consider walking or cycling instead – these options allow for stress-free exploration!


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