Cheap Flights From the Sunshine Coast to Cairns

Cheap Flights From the Sunshine Coast to Cairns

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sunshine coast to cairns flights

Whether you’re traveling with your family for a weeklong vacation or want to see the tropical rainforest from above, you’ll be glad you’ve booked flights from the Sunshine Coast to Cairns. You can find cheap flights from Brisbane Airport to Cairns depending on when you’re planning to travel. Cairns is a major tourist destination and offers many things to do for the whole family. This tropical destination is full of great dining and entertainment, but you’ll want to explore some lesser known areas.

To convince the airlines that there is a demand for flights to Cairns, the Sunshine Coast airport has launched a survey. The survey will close on Wednesday and ask whether the community supports direct flights between the Coast and Cairns. If so, these flights will be available for just $125 round trip. The airport hopes that the new flights will boost tourism and help grow the Sunshine Coast economy. It will also provide the airport with important data for developing a business case for direct flights to Cairns.

Buses are another affordable option. Long-distance buses typically make lunch and bathroom stops on the way. While cheaper bus trips have limited comfort and often do not provide Wi-Fi, you can find buses with more features. Make sure you book your bus tickets early because there are usually delays. Also, make sure you arrive at the bus station 15 minutes before departure so you can get to your destination in time.

When booking your flights, look for cheap Sunshine Coast to Cairns flights with Virgin Australia Airlines or Jetstar Airways. Be sure to book in advance if possible to get the best prices. Remember that low-cost airlines often run promotional fares months in advance so it’s best to book early. So, you’ll have more money to spend while enjoying your vacation. It’s worth it! Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Sunshine Coast and the surrounding areas!

Sunshine Coast to Cairns flights take about 13 hours to complete. Take this into consideration when comparing airfare prices. When you compare prices, be sure to compare flight times and travel time. A direct flight can take 5h 25m to 18h 30m. If you’re planning on taking a private jet, the shortest flight time is five hours and 25 minutes. However, commercial flights often take longer to arrive and can be costly.

If you’re looking for cheap Sunshine Coast to Cairns flights, you’ll find great deals on travel sites like Skyscanner. They even provide a month’s worth of flights to Cairns. With the added bonus of a flexible flight schedule, these sites are great for tracking flight prices. Whether you’re traveling for a day or a week, these websites will help you find the best deal.

Another reason to take flights to Cairns is to experience some of the area’s many festivals. The Whitsunday Reef Festival draws visitors from around the world, and there’s an entire calendar of events from music to food. A great place to spend an afternoon if you’re a foodie is the Esplanade dinner party. At this annual event, an oversized table is laden with locally made dishes and local delicacies. The Cairns Festival is also worth checking out, which takes place between late August and early September.

There are three flights a week between the Sunshine Coast and Cairns. You can purchase a round trip ticket for $125 from the Brisbane airport, which will take about two hours. Average airfare for Sunshine Coast to Cairns is $612, but you can often find cheaper flights from Brisbane airport. If you are looking for cheap flights, you might want to consider connecting to another airport instead of a direct one.


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