Breaking News Today: DJ Will Sparks on the Sunshine Coast

Breaking News Today: DJ Will Sparks on the Sunshine Coast

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For many years now, Will Sparks has been one of Australia’s most influential DJs. Known for his unique sound, he has become synonymous with the Australian electronic music scene through bold experimentation and intuitiveness. At just 20 years old, Sparks had already established himself as a key figure in the Australian electronic music scene, and his style has continued to develop on a world-wide scale. His technique continues to develop and fluctuate along with the ever-changing trends.

Since launching his solo career, Sparks has played sold-out shows at the world’s hottest clubs. His music has even made it onto large-scale festivals, including Goodlife Festival, Future Music Festival, and SummerDayze. In 2018, Sparks released his highly-anticipated studio EP “Another Land,” and has plans to perform four shows in the next two years. Here are some of his other highlights.

For those interested in exploring new technologies, Spark Bureau will be a great place to start. The hub will include an augmented reality and virtual reality experience, and help businesses tap into these markets. CEO Zach Johnson said that VR held enormous potential for growth in the next 10 years. Through the new facility, the Sunshine Coast can tap into the emerging technology market and prepare the future workforce. The Sunshine Coast is proud of its future innovators. The future of technology is now in our hands!

Sparks Architects is a young practice on the Sunshine Coast. As the region continues to grow rapidly and suburbanism increases, the practice is eager to apply lessons from completed projects to the low-cost multi-residential typologies that are causing massive growth in the region. The practice balances the challenges of the field with the virtues of architecture. Their buildings are defined by order, compliance with structural grids, efficient spanning principles, standard glazing modules, and appropriate sun angles. The firm also has a distinctive sense of aesthetics.


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