Why Study at the University of the Sunshine Coast?

Why Study at the University of the Sunshine Coast?

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USC offers a range of courses that will enable you to pursue a career of your choice. Whether you want to pursue a career in medicine, law or engineering, USC can help you achieve your goals. There are 120 different degree programs and 280 different course options to choose from. You can also study in one of the seven broad discipline areas, such as education, engineering, creative industries, design, humanities, social sciences, and health and nursing.

Located in the South East Queensland region, USC Sunshine Coast boasts award-winning facilities and an environmentally sustainable campus. The campus sits on a 100-hectare reserve that provides habitat for native Australian wildlife. As such, the community is considered “green”. It also provides a unique opportunity to participate in environmental initiatives, which make it an ideal place to study.

The University of the Sunshine Coast has been around for over two decades, and the campus has plenty to offer prospective students. It was originally called Sunshine Coast University College, and renamed in 1999 to reflect its current status as a university. Its location is both scenic and convenient, with easy access to the Bruce Highway. The campus is also home to a flora and fauna reserve, making it an ideal place to study. The campus offers modern education, as well as many services to support students in their studies.

USC Sunshine Coast is a public, Australian university serving over 12,000 students in a wide range of disciplines. The university emphasizes hands-on learning and the campus features some of the best learning facilities in Australia. These include the three-dimensional CAVE2TM visualization studio, a simulated nursing lab, a nationally accredited sport science lab, and indoor tennis courts. There are also many specialized labs and a range of interactive digital learning spaces for students to use.


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