Things To Do In Sunshine Coast

Things To Do In Sunshine Coast

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Sunshine Coast is the perfect destination for those who want to take a break from their everyday routine. You can choose from numerous options that offer you a range of activities, food and drink experiences and adventures. Here are some ideas that will help you explore this beautiful place:

Walking Trails: Sunshine Coast has more than 200 kilometers of excellent walking trails. For those looking for some exercise, the region is a great option as it offers around 400 km of hiking routes and 13 beautiful parks nearby such as Gatton Park & Gardens (, Patterson River National Park or Mulgrave Railway Station – Rail Trail (whose best walkable sections are Route 1A through Kearstanes Valley.

To Walk or not to Walk:

Any of the trails that provide opportunities for fantastic views and wonderful photography, scenic walks inside rare rainforest or poking into nature reserves. If you like to improvise along with these activities, Sunshine Coast has plenty of options such as The Birds (, even if we take a closer look at our beautifully upgraded parklands.

All this can be combined with a Surf, Snorkel or Dive Experience…

The sport of the day: From cradle to pool you can find great options for all those with children and people wanting to learn how their hips stay in shape. Take advantage of Get Out While You Can – offering family fun activities such as Skate or Scenery Tours and Tree Terrain 2 ways 2 levels ( Come on, you are on vacation!

Foodie Getaway: You can choose from numerous options for foodies. Sunset Beach Drive has the opportunity to visit restaurants popular among locals and visitors alike. For example, The Salt Café ( offers great grilled fish whilst watching the world around your table – or perhaps Bar Colourli Bar & Grill will be more up your alley (

Don’t forget:

The sun never stops shining, take advantage of it! This list can be extended to almost 10,000 likes already in 3 days. There are no inside celebrities inside the area, only true characters – people who have lived here for generations and never got tired of being themselves. Come join us on our discovery hunt down great personalities you are unlikely to find through crowds or narrow commercial interests!

This is a dream to share with other gifted travelers… To hell with tourist traps, this should be easy if we follow the old saying: ‘What happens around here stays surrounding around here’ – Peace-out! Blog Conclusion: In this article, we have mentioned things to do in sunshine coast. The best places to visit in sunshine coast are on the beach and on the Gold Coast. There are so many activities to do on the beach and on the Gold Coast. For a list of some of these activities, read this article which is about things to do in sunshine coast.


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