The Sunshine Coast For Rent Houses

The Sunshine Coast For Rent Houses

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sunshine coast for rent houses

On the Sunshine Coast, there is an acute shortage of accommodation. This has had a devastating effect on local businesses and essential service providers such as nurses, teachers, first responders, social services and civil servants.

Daniel Ziffer reports a crisis in the region’s rental availability rate: it has dropped to only 0.5 per cent from 1.9 percent just months earlier. This lack of rental availability poses an immediate threat.

1. Location

The Sunshine Coast, a tropical coastal region in southwestern British Columbia, offers an idyllic getaway. Its towering mountain peaks are adorned with lush canopy of diverse trees while dramatic marine waterways frame the scenery below.

Experience an unforgettable vacation by staying in one of our many Sunshine Coast for rent houses. From cozy cabins to grand beach houses, there’s sure to be something perfect for everyone on your list.

Are you searching for the ideal house to rent with a swimming pool or space for your large family? Look no further – we have it all covered.

One of the top choices in the area is “Modern Beach House – 50 Metres To The Water”. This 2 bedroom home, situated 20 miles from central Sunshine Coast, boasts amenities like a fireplace and video library.

2. Amenities

The Sunshine Coast is an idyllic destination, renowned for its stunning beaches, majestic mountains and lush rainforest. Just 90 minutes north of Brisbane by car, you can experience this idyllic lifestyle for yourself!

Are you planning a beach getaway or searching for somewhere quiet to unwind, there are plenty of vacation rentals that meet your requirements. With 777 available homes, it’s sure you’ll find the ideal spot for your next vacation!

For those who need to stay connected, look into renting a house with high-speed internet. Or if you’re looking to cook some delicious meals, book a home that features a kitchen.

For something truly unique, why not rent a tiny house along the Sunshine Coast? These secluded getaways provide an authentic experience and help you escape the hectic pace of everyday life.

3. Affordability

Housing affordability is a pressing concern for Australians. On average, households spend more than 30% of their income on rent – an alarming statistic!

On the Sunshine Coast, local politicians and real estate agents report it’s becoming increasingly difficult to locate affordable rentals in the region.

Finding a rental property can be both costly and time-consuming. According to one survey, it takes an average Australian household nearly 10.1 years to save up 20% of a deposit for a house with a median value.

Further compounding the issue, rising interest rates are taking their toll on house prices in Brisbane. Since June 2022 when values peaked, prices have decreased 5.5 per cent.

Despite these obstacles, the government is continuing to support affordable home construction. They have recently approved funding for a 40-unit project in Gibsons that will provide much needed housing options for families and seniors.

4. Security

The Sunshine Coast has long been touted as Australia’s hottest property market, with construction progressing at an incredible speed and the local rental market offering landlords a guaranteed profit. Unfortunately, this has led to a housing shortage which has seen more locals looking for alternatives such as community or affordable housing options.

That said, the growing number of university students in the region have been forced to seek out student accommodation as their primary way of guaranteeing their safety during their stay. Fortunately, there are a range of for rent houses on the Sunshine Coast and other parts of Queensland – providing students with their dream place to call home.

For just a small fee, students can book the best vacation homes on the Sunshine Coast and make the most out of their stay with access to an array of great amenities that will make them feel right at home while they’re away. With such an extensive selection of top-rated houses for rent in this region, why not take the leap and make your next getaway one to remember?


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