Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre

Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre

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sunshine coast youth theatre

Are you searching for an engaging way to introduce your kids to the arts? Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre is the ideal solution. This professional studio training group caters to children aged 5-18 years, and they host public performances throughout the year.

Theatre groups along the Coast have been around for generations, each with a dedicated following. While some are more conservative than others, each shares common core values and understands how important it is to attract audiences.

What we do

Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre is a non-school based group that gives talented young people an outlet to display their abilities. It strives to give young people from throughout the Sunshine Coast the chance to develop performance skills and hone their abilities as artists in their own right.

On June 12th 2021, YIPA (Youth Innovation in Performing Arts) held its inaugural concert – an incredible success! This was the first such event of its kind on the Sunshine Coast.

Students gain a solid foundation in dance and singing, develop focus, confidence and coordination when performing onstage. They leave BYTES with an enthusiasm for performance as well as a desire to pursue further education or careers in the performing arts. Furthermore, they are encouraged to hone their creative side as well as work as part of a team; these experiences will remain with them forever.

Our aims

Our mission is to nurture and develop theatre for young people on the Sunshine Coast, enabling their individual talents to shine. To do this, we provide a non-school based environment in which new skills are fostered and performances encouraged, as well as appreciation from a wide cross-section of community members.

Our Acting Extension classes are tailored to nurture young actors, giving them the freedom to express themselves creatively as they gain confidence in their performances. We’re looking for actors between 11-14 years who show promise and are ready to take their acting abilities to the next level by auditioning for either our Studio B program or tertiary performing arts courses.

Our Youth in Performance Arts (YIPA) Sunshine Coast concert, organised and produced by USC Creative Industries students and professional theatre industry experts, was a huge success in June 2021.

Our teachers

Children who participate in performing arts often experience a profound effect. Not only does it help them express new emotions, but it also teaches them how to manage anxiety, learn from mistakes, develop quick thinking skills and boost confidence levels.

Our teachers are experts in their fields, many having worked at the highest levels of professional theatre. They are passionate about encouraging young people in their artistic endeavors and elevating youth voices through theatre.

In 2023, all Little Seed Acting Extension classes will participate in the Sunshine Coast Youth Festival with one-act plays starring students and members of the public alike – making this event a true highlight for both students and festival goers alike!

Sandi has studied theatre at Pasadena Playhouse in California and been active in the professional Vancouver Theatre scene for over 30 years. She has produced touring artists’ productions and created original local performance events while working as a technician at Heritage Playhouse for 12 years, where she remains actively involved today in the community theatre scene.

Our students

Participating in the performing arts offers many rewards for young people. They gain the freedom to express their emotions, view the world from a new perspective and develop empathy – all invaluable opportunities.

Aside from the personal advantages, kids who take part in theatre can learn how to work together as a team to reach their objectives. This is an invaluable skill that they will need throughout school and in the workplace.

Youth theatre students are four times more likely to earn academic awards than their peers without such involvement. Furthermore, children involved in performing arts tend to be creative thinkers and find creative solutions for problems that might otherwise go unsolved.

The Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre welcomes students of all ages and abilities. These accomplished young thespians are passionate about theatre and eager to share their enthusiasm with others.


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