Sunshine Coast Yamaha – A New Marine Dealership on the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Yamaha – A New Marine Dealership on the Sunshine Coast

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Sunshine Coast Yamaha, situated at Warana on Australia’s stunning Sunshine Coast, is a new marine dealership offering an expansive selection of boats, outboards and Yamaha WaveRunner personal watercraft.

Stephen Dold and Grant Fordyce own and operate the dealership, boasting their extensive knowledge in the marine industry. With their help, you’re sure to have an effortless boating experience no matter where life takes you!

Starweld Boats

Starweld is a US-based aluminium boat maker that produces a fleet of boats ranging in length from 4.8 to 6.0 metres, including some impressive fish & ski models. Each model boasts an all-welded foam-injected aluminium hull with advanced technological features like their patented torsion beam construction subfloor stringer grid and machined formed and welded hull ribs.

The Starweld’s most impressive feature is its full-length reverse chine hull, which pushes water away from the boat for a smoother, more efficient ride. Plus, it has an entry and mild vee shape aft for improved stability, shallow draft and wave-slicing comfort. Plus there are other big ideas like double decker deck compartments to store catch of the day, multi-function console with an aerated livewell and secure rod storage – no wonder why this boat model remains one of Sunshine Coast Yamaha’s bestsellers!

Stessco Alloy Boats

Stessco is a Queensland-based boat builder that produces aluminum boats of all sizes – from budget Skipper tinnies to full-plate offshore cruisers. Their vessels have become familiar sights on the waterways of the region for over two decades now and continue to produce quality vessels.

TABS stands for Tough Aussie Boats and they’re built to take a beating. Made with plate hull construction, TABS boats boast greater strength than other aluminum craft.

Anglers will love TABS boats for fishing and exploring in shallow waters as well as cruising across wide open seas. Plus, they’re a blast to drive and manoeuvre!

The Breezaway 480 is an all-purpose fishing tinny equipped with a Yamaha F70 four-stroke outboard motor, providing plenty of power and range. This versatile platform makes it a popular choice among recreational anglers across Australia.

Scout Fibreglass Boats

Scout Boats is one of the world’s most exciting and innovative boat manufacturers, combining timeless innovations and cutting-edge features with hand-laid fiberglass builds to produce world class luxury outboard yachts. Their models range from 17′ to 67′ in length, offering dual console Dorados, shallow draft Bay Boats, and Cere console sportfishing machines so that you can explore your favourite waterways in style.

At Sunshine Coast Yamaha, we proudly carry the latest US-made Scout fibreglass trailer boats as well as Brisbane-built Stessco alloy boats, Starcraft pontoon/party boat and Yamaha WaveRunner personal watercraft. Plus we stock all the accessories you need to get out on the water with a team of knowledgeable marine specialists ready to assist you.

Yamaha WaveRunners

Yamaha WaveRunners are the world’s best-selling personal watercraft due to their superior quality and performance. They make for an ideal choice for families as well as those seeking a sit-down PWC with all the amenities of a luxury yacht.

They are popular for ocean riding and fishing, as well as being safe to ride.

Yamaha Boats produces all WaveRunner hulls and decks on their 280-acre campus in Newnan, Georgia, USA using a massive two-part compression mold.

Moulds for SMC fibreglass boats or decks are constructed by immersing sheets of SMC fibreglass in polyester resin for four minutes. When the material liquefies, it forms a complete hull or deck.

These FX series models feature highly accurate fuel-use gauges (by the litre), so you always know exactly how much fuel has been used before topping up. This helps prevent overfuelling and allows you to calculate how much remains in the 70-litre tank.


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