Sunshine Coast Vs Gold Coast Living

Sunshine Coast Vs Gold Coast Living

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sunshine coast vs gold coast living

There are many advantages of living on the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast. Both are popular and have plenty of activities to offer visitors. The public transportation in both cities is good. Although, walking is not always easy. You can also drive to work or to the beach. Before moving to the Sunshine Coast, plan your accommodation and determine your budget. You can also look at living arrangements that suit your needs. The best thing to do when deciding on which coast to live is to visit both places.

Sunshine Coast residents tend to live in suburban areas, which are often less commercialized than those on the Gold Coast. While the former offers more nightlife and entertainment, the latter has a more relaxed atmosphere. The suburbs are not as commercialized as the Gold Coast, and visitors can easily switch from one activity to another. Despite this, the Sunshine Coast is also less commercialized than the Gold Coast. The number of attractions is not as vast, but they are much more fun.

Aside from its beachside location, the Sunshine Coast is home to some nice parks. While the Gold Coast does not have landmarks, it does offer plenty of entertainment options, including a casino. The Jupiter’s Casino and the Mooloolaba Town Centre offer an excellent variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. You can also find plenty of activities for kids and families, including the popular Movie World and Sea World. In addition to these, there is WhiteWater World, which is a water-based playground.

The Sunshine Coast is much easier to travel around than the Gold Coast. There is less traffic and less cars per square mile, and public transport is far better. You can even catch a train to Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast and travel to Brisbane in less than an hour. The difference in cost is also less than half that of the Gold Coast. If you are looking for a lower crime rate, Sunshine Coast living will be more suited to you.

Both regions are popular holiday destinations in Australia. You can find a holiday home on either coast, and both have their fair share of attractions and activities. In addition to beaches, both areas have great hinterland areas and natural scenery. However, there are some differences that make both areas appealing to different kinds of people. So, before you move to one place over the other, make sure you compare both areas before making a final decision.

Shopping is also a great attraction on the Gold Coast. Although there are no outlet-style shopping centers, there are plenty of specialty stores and boutiques. The main shopping hub is Sunshine Plaza, which is situated in Maroochydore. Alternatively, you can also go to the Eumundi Markets and sample a wide variety of fresh food. Despite its smaller size, shopping isn’t the only difference between the two coasts.

When it comes to weather, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast are equally pleasant to live in. The Gold Coast is hot and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius in summer and 10 degrees during winter. Rainfall is mainly in the early evening, but rarely impacts outdoor activities. The weather is similar on both coasts, but the latter receives more wind, possibly due to the lower humidity. If you plan to stay outside in the cooler months, you can enjoy the natural beauty of both regions.

One big downside of the Gold Coast is its lack of public transport. Unlike on the Sunshine Coast, residents on the hinterland will have to use their own cars to get to work or to play. In addition to having to drive everywhere, residents will have to rely on their own cars, which can be frustrating at times. The Gold Coast has limited public transportation, which makes it easier for those who don’t drive a lot to commute around town.

Regardless of whether you want to live near the beach, you’ll enjoy the warm, sunny climate on the Sunshine Coast. The city experiences almost 300 days of sunshine a year, which makes it one of the sunniest parts of Australia. The weather on the Gold Coast is generally humid and hot, but Sunshine Coast summers are comfortably warm and pleasant. The average rainfall is only a few millimetres, making the city an excellent place to live.


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