Sunshine Coast Council Jobs – Breaking News Today

Sunshine Coast Council Jobs – Breaking News Today

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sunshine coast council jobs

Whether you are looking for a full-time or part-time job, Sunshine Coast Council can provide you with a variety of opportunities. These opportunities range from regulating parking to assisting people with disabilities. You will receive a variety of benefits, including a generous superannuation contribution and generous leave entitlements. These opportunities also offer many career advancement opportunities and a number of other perks. You can find out more about Sunshine Coast Council jobs by visiting the council’s website.

The Sunshine Coast was formerly known as the Near North Coast until the 1950s. The name had a more appealing ring to it. It was then renamed as the Sunshine Coast by Eddie DeVere, who was also the chairman of the Queensland Place Names Board. The new name was officially adopted on August 1, 1967.

As part of a dedicated team of community development practitioners, the Youth Development Officer will engage young people and develop their capacity. This position will also assist the Team Leader with identifying community development needs. Specifically, the Youth Development Officer will lead the implementation of the Sunshine Coast Community Strategy 2019-2041 Action Plan. Working closely with key stakeholders, the Action Plan addresses issues surrounding the enhancement of opportunities for young people, increasing their participation, and developing their skills in a capacity building context.


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