Interactive Mapping on the Sunshine Coast

Interactive Mapping on the Sunshine Coast

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sunshine coast interactive mapping

Interactive mapping is not a new concept. The Sunshine Coast Council has created MyMaps as an online service to provide community members with information about the area. It uses satellite imagery to show public land tenures, catchment boundaries, local government areas, and vegetation connections. However, the map does not show property boundaries. Sunshine Coast Council provides cadastral information on its MyMaps site. Users of MyMaps can also explore maps of other Sunshine Coast destinations.

The Sunshine Coast Regional District also offers several web-mapping services. The Sunshine Coast Map provides downloadable PDF products, GIS data layers, and interactive web mapping applications. It allows visitors to explore a city or neighborhood and vote on bus stops. The map can be accessed from any web-enabled device. For a more personalized experience, users can create maps of their favorite places. They can also share their favourite destinations with other users and even vote for the most popular bus stops.

The new MyMaps service is supported by GIS technology from Esri Australia. Visitors can view information about individual properties, create maps using their own data, and download the information for further analysis. SCC Spatial Information Manager Martin Browne says the new service is a step ahead of similar local government websites and is at the forefront of its industry nationally. Other Queensland councils are interested in creating similar mapping services. So what is the advantage of using interactive mapping services?

When visiting the Sunshine Coast, a map is indispensable. It provides information about towns, national parks, and attractions, as well as other important information. It also provides information on local weather and land features, so visitors can plan their vacation accordingly. In addition, the map also makes it easy to find directions to popular destinations such as restaurants and hotels. Aside from the map, visitors can also download Google maps of the Sunshine Coast to see the location of their chosen attractions.


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