How Much Does a Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher Cost?

How Much Does a Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher Cost?

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sunshine coast snake catcher cost

Whenever you encounter a snake in your home or property, the first thing you should do is call a professional Sunshine Coast snake catcher. You should never try to remove a snake by yourself, and if you do, it’s possible that you could end up causing the snake more damage.

Stu McKenzie

Stu McKenzie is a snake catcher on the Sunshine Coast. He is also a well known YouTube star, thanks to his YouTube channel. McKenzie started out as a side hustle when he worked for Australia Zoo, but he soon realized there was a market for his services.

McKenzie’s snake catching company started out as a side gig, but has since grown into a full blown business. He has a team of five snake catchers who travel around the Sunshine Coast region on a daily basis. They also provide educational tours.

The company has a license to operate and has appropriate insurance to cover any accidents that occur. In addition to catching snakes, they also relocate snakes that are found outside of homes.

The company also offers snake catching tours, which allow daredevils to get hands-on with the beasts. There are over 20 species that call the Sunshine Coast home, with a few venomous snakes thrown in for good measure.

Luke Huntley

Across the Sunshine Coast there are a number of snake catchers, including Luke Huntley, who are working hard to relocate the reptiles that are finding their way into houses. Some people have been taking precautions to avoid snakes in their homes. However, it’s worth mentioning that some snakes are more difficult to spot than others.

One Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher posted a video of his recent carpet python rescue. He also shared a photo of snake skins. The snake catcher says they were likely from pythons or tree snakes. He believes that these snakes had been shedding their skins in the roof for years.

Snake catchers in the Sunshine Coast have had a busy time in recent months, with eight out of 10 of the snakes they’ve caught being indoors. Some catchers say the snakes are searching for water. They’ve been taking shelter in roofs during the cold weather. They’ve also been using houses as a source of heat.

Keeping your distance from snakes

Keeping your distance from Sunshine Coast snakes is important. They will not hurt you or your pets, but you don’t want to accidentally step on one. They can be found in a variety of places and can be aggressive. If you are concerned, call your local snake catcher or contact the WIRES Rescue Line at 1300 094 737.

It is also a good idea to keep your lawn short and your yard free of leaves, rocks, sticks and other debris. These types of objects make it easier for snakes to hide. They also reduce the risk of you being bitten.

If you see a snake, call your local snake catcher to relocate the snake. This is usually done by a professional team. They will remove the snake from your property and then release it back into the wild.

The Sunshine Coast is home to over twenty species of snake. There are only eight species that have venom that is deadly enough to be life-threatening.

Legal requirements to remove and relocate a snake

Whether you’re looking to relocate a snake from your home, or you’re planning to remove it altogether, there are a few legal requirements to keep in mind. You’ll need to call a snake catcher or licensed wildlife trapper, and you may need to pay a fee for a professional to move the snake.

A snake is generally harmless, but they can be quite dangerous if they become aggressive. For instance, if you see a red-bellied black snake, you should immediately call emergency services. It is an offence to kill or attempt to kill a snake, and penalties can be harsh.

You can also contact a local snake catcher for help if you are unsure about which type of snake you have. They will be able to identify the snake, and help you remove it from your home safely.

If you don’t know who to call, you can find a list of licensed snake catchers online. A few of these will charge a fee for their services, while others charge a fee for each return visit.


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