Experience the Sunshine Coast Zipline

Experience the Sunshine Coast Zipline

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sunshine coast zipline

If you’ve never experienced a zipline before, now is your chance to experience one. This adventure park offers self-paced thrills in scenic surroundings. It’s one of the few locations in Australia that offers such thrilling activities. Here are some things to keep in mind before tackling the course:

Juniors Treetop Challenge: This course is perfect for young children and includes four ziplines that go 15 metres in length. You’ll be safe with the assistance of a specialist team. It’s perfect for families with small children. The ziplines are relatively low and easy to handle, but the longest run is 15 meters. The course also includes a variety of fun team activities, as well as stunning rainforest views. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement once you’ve finished.

Next Level: At Next Level, you can take on Australia’s largest high ropes course on poles. There are seven different circuits with 145 aerial challenges, 16 ziplines, and more. There are lower courses, too, which are great for families. The course is open seven days a week and closed on Christmas Day. The Next Level is open to climbers aged six and up. It’s also a great place for kids to bond with friends and family.

Next Level: At Next Level, children can take part in two of the easiest levels of ziplining. They can complete the medium levels when they reach the age of eight. The hardest level requires a minimum age of thirteen. The only other place in Australia that offers ziplining for kids is Next Level in Sunshine Mall, where parents can take their kids as young as three years old. Next Level is located near the Australia Zoo, so you can visit both places to enjoy the activity with your kids.


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