Can You Drive to the Sunshine Coast?

Can You Drive to the Sunshine Coast?

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If you are considering a vacation in Canada and want to drive to the Sunshine Coast, there are several things you should know about driving. One of the first questions you should ask is how long it will take you to get there. This will help you decide how much time you’ll have for the trip and how much money you’ll spend. Secondly, you should look into the different ways you can get there. Some options include renting a car, driving by ferry or taking the bus. All of these options are great ways to get to the Sunshine Coast.

Halfmoon Bay

Halfmoon Bay is a town on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. It is a lovely little area with many activities to do. The town is known for its quiet, pristine beaches and lush forests. It also has a few marinas and restaurants.

A few of the best places to visit in Halfmoon Bay include Secret Cove, Buccaneer Bay Provincial Park, and Smuggler’s Cove Marine Provincial Park. These parks offer great hiking and fishing opportunities.

A short drive south of Halfmoon Bay is Sechelt. This beautiful little town is a popular destination. It is a picturesque place with a sweeping beach that is filled with many colourful pebbles and granite ramparts. There are many hotels and B&Bs to choose from. It also has a farmers’ market where you can get local produce.

Roberts Creek

Roberts Creek is a small community on the Sunshine Coast. It’s located halfway between Gibsons and Sechelt. It’s a great destination for a day trip from Vancouver, and offers a variety of outdoor activities. You can take a swim at the beach, or ride a horse.

If you’re in the area in summer, you might want to visit the Roberts Creek Provincial Park. This fenced-in area includes a campground, a day use picnic area, and a pebbled beach. It also has pit toilets and cold running water.

Roberts Creek is home to several art studios, many of which are open to the public. You can take a self-guided Purple Banner Tour to check them out.

Powell River

A seaside city on the Sunshine Coast, Powell River is known for its abundance of natural resources and beautiful beaches. It has two harbours, a resort, restaurants, and accommodations.

In addition to its rich natural beauty, Powell River is also a popular destination for locals and tourists. It is close to Vancouver and offers a variety of outdoor activities. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, but is also home to a bustling arts and culture scene. It has a number of festivals, including the Blackberry Festival and Townsite Jazz Festival.

In addition to its natural attractions, Powell River is also home to numerous museums and galleries. They showcase the latest exhibits. One of the most visited sightseeing attractions is the Powell River Historical Museum and Archives.


Sechelt, BC, is a small coastal town on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. It is known for its natural beauty and many outdoor activities. The town is home to many businesses, and it is surrounded by forests and snow-capped mountains some of the year.

The community of Sechelt is named after the original First Nations people. Thomas john Cook settled in the area in 1894, helping to establish the first school and cemetery. His descendants still live in the area.

Sechelt is a thriving, vibrant community. Visitors can enjoy fishing, golf, whale watching, and other outdoor activities. During the summer months, the town sees the biggest influx of tourists.

One of the best things to do in Sechelt is to take the oceanfront pathway. You can start your walk at Friendship Park off Wharf Avenue. Then, you will pass Snickett Park and Snickett Creek before getting to Tuwanek Point.

The Sunshine Coast Trail

The Sunshine Coast Trail is a popular long distance hiking trail. The most common route for hikers is to start from Saltery Bay and travel to Sarah Point, the endpoint of the trail. The trail offers many camping options. Whether you want a rustic cabin, a modern hostel, or a private tent, you will find plenty of choices.

The Sunshine Coast Trail can be done as a day hike, or you can choose to do it as a weekend or longer backpacking trip. The most popular length for a trip is 10 days. However, there is no hard and fast rule. You can plan your own itinerary and decide what works best for you.

During your trek, you will have a chance to see black bears, orca whales, and other wildlife. There are also historic relics along the way.


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