Breaking News Today – The New Arbor Development on the Sunshine Coast

Breaking News Today – The New Arbor Development on the Sunshine Coast

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Breaking News Today – The New Arbor Development on the Sunshine Coast

A $900 million development on the Sunshine Coast will deliver prestige living for residents. The complex will feature a world-class surf wave pool, retail precincts, and a proposed surf club venue. The project has been approved by the Sunshine Coast Council, and it is scheduled to open in 2020. A waterfront building will feature 16 luxury residences and a private pontoon for residents. The Arbor building will include 33 three-bedroom apartments and 38 two-bedroom units.

The development’s long-awaited master plan includes plans to build a new airport and a five-star hotel at Bokarina Beach. The project is expected to deliver 500 to 700 new residential lots over the next five to seven years. The project will also add more than 400 new jobs, and could start construction next year. With the new developments, the Sunshine Coast will be the fastest growing region in the country. However, the Sunshine Coast’s property squeeze is reaching unprecedented levels.

Despite a soaring housing market, the Sunshine Coast has remained a desirable place for developers. Currently, there are a few major infrastructure projects in the region. The Sunshine Coast University Hospital is one such project, which will provide much-needed medical services for the area. The Bells Creek Arterial will be an important link between the southern end of the region and the Bruce Highway. The project will include the construction of a golf course and a five-star resort on the site.

The Sunshine Coast has invested $20 billion into a world-class infrastructure. The region’s $15.7 billion economy is growing at four times the national average. Its enviable lifestyle benefits and employment opportunities are attracting international and interstate migrants. However, the lack of supply has led to an increase in the cost of living. In fact, median apartment prices have increased by 21% over the past five years. There is a shortage of affordable housing in the region, and there are a variety of options available for buyers.

The Sunshine Coast has been a major driver of economic growth. With a growing population, the region will continue to attract investment. The region’s economy is estimated to grow by more than three times its current level by 2033. Moreover, the Sunshine Coast has a number of $10 billion worth of infrastructure projects. Many of these projects are located in Maroochydore, which has a large population. The RGD Group has 35 years of experience and more developments are in the pipeline.

The Sunshine Coast is set to become a world-class destination. By 2020, the expansion of the airport will bring more tourists to the coastal area. In addition to the new airport, the expansion of the existing airport is expected to create over two million jobs. In addition to the tourism benefits, the project will also bring in new business. By 2040, the airport is expected to contribute more than $4.1 billion to the local economy, creating more than 2,230 new jobs.

The Sunshine Coast’s economy has experienced rapid growth since the 1980s. By 2016, it had become the fastest growing region in Australia. The region is increasingly residential, with many of the population living in apartments and condominiums. The region has also lost most of its theme parks, and it has become a destination for tourism. Visitors to the area come to enjoy the attractions, such as the beaches and the Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo.

Avalon’s riverfront location will provide residents with a luxurious experience. Its waterfront location will be 1.2km from the CBD of Maroochydore. Its location will allow for increased tourism, while a new bridge will connect the city’s waterfront. This is a huge boost for the region’s tourism economy. The new project will create more jobs and stimulate local economic growth. And a beautiful waterfront will make the Sunshine Coast more popular.

In addition to the health sector, the Sunshine Coast is booming with construction and demolition projects. There are over $1 billion in building development and a new hospital in the works. With all of these new jobs, the region is a desirable destination for property investors. Its location offers an ideal location for investment. It is an attractive place for investment, and savvy buyers will benefit from the high value uplift. There are no shortage of opportunities for investors on the Sunshine Coast.


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