Breaking News Today – Sunshine Coast Flooding

Breaking News Today – Sunshine Coast Flooding

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is sunshine coast flooding

The Sunshine Coast is currently experiencing major flooding and authorities are urging residents to stay home. The river levels are expected to rise above February 1999 flood levels and more rain is predicted. Emergency services are asking residents to stay indoors, but are urging people to leave the areas that are flooded. The state’s Bureau of Meteorology has issued severe thunderstorm warnings for the Sunshine Coast and other parts of south-east Queensland. The region is now urged to stay home to avoid being swept away by the rising water.

A significant storm hit the Sunshine Coast this morning, uprooting trees and scattering powerlines, with some properties left without power. One woman was found dead in floodwaters, while a man is missing after his motorbike was washed away. A father-of-two, Shaun Olds, was sheltered under his front doorway with his children when the storm struck. Meanwhile, in the rural town of Dalby, wind gusts of 93km/h have been recorded.

More rain is forecast for the Sunshine Coast tomorrow, with the Brisbane River saturated and minor flooding in its tributaries. The region’s education minister has urged students to stay home and only report to school if necessary. Deputy Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has encouraged parents to collect their children from school. The state’s mayor, Mark Jamieson, has urged residents to remain off the roads and stay home.

A significant storm has hit the Sunshine Coast, uprooting trees and power lines, and flooding several properties. Some homeowners were forced to chainsaw themselves out of their homes, while others were forced to evacuate their homes. The flood has displaced many people from their homes, but the area continues to struggle to recover. The weather bureau has warned that the flooding is potentially life-threatening, and advised residents to stay home instead of trying to get to work.

The rainfall in the Sunshine Coast is now reaching historic levels, with a flood level over 100 cm in some areas. On Wednesday, a major storm ripped through the region, causing downed trees, uprooted powerlines and stranded residents. At 7am on the Sunshine Coast, a woman died in the floodwaters, and a man is missing after his motorbike was washed away in the mud.

If you live in the Sunshine Coast, it’s important to stay informed. Check out the Australian Government’s website for the latest updates. You can also follow local news for updates on the flooding situation. This is particularly important if you live near rivers and are concerned about the water level in your area. A major flood in this region may cause significant damage, so it’s important to stay informed. The floods in the Sunshine Coast have affected several cities and towns, and the government is trying to help those affected by the rain.

There have been multiple reports of flooding in the Sunshine Coast, but the latest ones are a bit scary. Earlier this morning, the rain in the region reached 164mm at Mt Glorious. The city is currently preparing for the worst, but many residents are also worried about their safety. However, the flood warnings are a good sign that the region will not be affected by major storms. If it happens, the weather conditions are forecast to remain normal, but heavy rain may be a warning sign of an impending major event.

If you’re concerned about the weather, it’s best to stay home and monitor local news. The Sunshine Coast Local Disaster Management Group Chair has warned residents to stay inside. The flood is not only impacting the coast, but it’s also affecting neighboring areas. While there are no specific warnings for the Sunshine Coast, it is important to know what to expect. And in case it does, keep checking in your hometown and on the Sunshine Coast.

It’s important to be aware of what is happening around the Sunshine Coast. There have been several cases of major flooding on the Sunshine Coast in recent years. This was the worst storm for the region since the late 90s. On Thursday, it was reported that 131mm of rain fell at Coolum and Nambour. The airport in Cooroy recorded 76mm. On Friday, the Mooloolah River was under a minor flood warning and there are more heavy rains expected on Saturday.


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