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breaking news today on australia

Breaking news today on Australia, your one-stop-shop for local and national breaking stories.

Heavy-armed police surrounded a home on a suburban Melbourne street on Monday afternoon.

Labour turncoat Fatima Payman doesn’t rule out harnessing Muslim votes or creating a new party; but is religion an unsafe factor in politics? Vikki Campion offers her insights.

The death of YouTuber Pretty Pastel Please

Pretty Pastel Please has caused an outpouring of sorrow among her fans following her passing away from mental health issues including ADHD, anxiety and depression.

Toyota could face competition from a new high-tech SUV on the market and members of private hospitals are getting hit with another price hike after contract talks between insurers and hospitals stalled.

Anthony Albanese believes faith-based political parties would undermine social cohesion in Australia, denouncing plans by Muslim Vote movement to target federal seats at the next election. Meanwhile, Fatima Payman is criticizing key members of ALP as she leaves it altogether.

A man is in hospital after a stabbing attack at a Bunnings carpark

Two months have passed since an Assyrian bishop in Sydney’s western suburb was attacked with a sharp weapon and later arrested on terrorism-related charges, prompting NSW Police to say Thursday: “He has an illness and mental health issues which he is being treated for at hospital.

Niamh Bothwell was driving out of Bunnings carpark when another driver hit her from behind, leaving her facing a $1700 bill and an imminent World of Financial Risk deadline. Now she finds herself caught in an endless bureaucratic maze consisting of Bunnings, police and insurance providers – none of whom seem particularly sympathetic towards her case.

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner has given major social media companies Meta and X 24 hours to remove violent videos of mosque and church attacks posted to their platforms, which has caused community tension to escalate further and contributed to an “tense climate,” while authorities and faith groups attempt to ease it, according to an academic expert. She urges Australians not be alarmed and to remain cautious regarding any online posts or posts they find frightening or upsetting.

A man is fighting for life after being stabbed by a gang of bailed teens

One man is fighting for his life after being attacked by a group of unrestrained teens at a Bunnings carpark in Sydney’s southeast. Police have arrested one suspect and are currently looking for additional suspects.

Jack’s Law has been proposed by a representative for the family of a woman who died after being attacked on an Australian beach, and would give NSW police “wand powers” so they can scan people without needing a warrant first.

Partner of an alleged murder victim today presented her partner as evidence against Raven Pauga, 18, to court, telling him how his actions had devastated their lives and families. Raven was extradited from NSW and charged in ACT Magistrates Court over violent home invasion last year; today his attorney applied for bail under strict conditions, noting how his client’s school uniform track pants helped police identify him on video footage footage from last year’s home invasion.

A tense situation in inner-Melbourne has ended

Inner Melbourne was in turmoil earlier today after an possibly armed man entered into a standoff with police, creating an atmosphere that felt almost deserted in this city of 5 million+ residents. People were being hostile towards each other while reporting any minor offense that they saw, creating what felt like a police state-like atmosphere in this quiet street.

Pandemonium ensued on a suburban train when an individual began allegedly terrorising passengers by spitting blood and punching people, before eventually being arrested and taken into custody.

Australia has begun permitting non-citizens to join its armed forces as its pride at having defeated COVID-19 turns to fear and panic. The move has angered many, including US President Donald Trump who described the decision as “disgraceful”. You can read more here.


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