Breaking News Today on Australia

Breaking News Today on Australia

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As we approach the end of another financial year, time is running out for taking quick tax deductions. Once July 1 rolls around, everything will change dramatically.

Captains Flat Hotel has undergone significant change since it first opened, including being renovated for its next era and experiencing an internal rift within the Coalition, as well as Gregory Lynn consulting with police on how campers Russell Hill and Carol Clay died.

The Captains Flat Hotel

Locals were delighted when Tracey Durr and Greg were announced as owners of the 1937 Captains Flat Hotel. Together, they have spent the past year renovating this grand old lady back to its former glory.

As part of their renovation plans, they’ve hired a crew to install new redcarpet, refresh rooms and renovate the bar – which at its height had one of the longest bars in Southern Hemisphere at 36 metres long!

Residents in this historic village less than an hour from Canberra are especially delighted that a pub will re-open. It has been too long since locals shared a pint together!

A rift in the Coalition

Australia’s most important state, Victoria, has seen signs that the Coalition may be disintegrated. A woman has released an explosive 14-part series detailing a list of allegations against her ex and charged a man for raping another female party-goer during a bucks party in Perth. Bills will continue to soar as gas prices soar through parts of Australia while direct flights between Sydney airports look set to become less costly through new airlines launching direct services.

St George Illawarra star Tom Hughes performed admirably despite sustaining a knee injury against Melbourne, with hopes that he could play on Sunday against Sydney Roosters. But now it looks likely he won’t feature.

Women in rural areas

Rural women often work as farmers or own small farms, yet limited funding limits their progress, leading to food insecurity, poverty and limited access to health care.

Frontline services for domestic violence victims report they are struggling to assist more women living in remote and regional communities, prompting them to appeal for additional funding to address this serious issue.

Australian governments impose Magnitsky-style travel bans and sanctions against Iranian police forces responsible for crackdown on human rights activists in 2021, as well as two companies providing drones to Iran’s regime. Unfortunately, this does little to address other rights concerns within Iran such as its offshore processing and “turn-back” policies, high tariffs on grain imports, per capita greenhouse emissions (it ranks one of the highest emitters), high tariffs imposed upon grain, high import duties on goods from outside its country of origin imposed upon importers etc; climate change goals have seen some improvements while other goals have seen no progress towards meeting their goals;

A jury has heard two versions of the deaths of Russell Hill and Carol Clay

Russell Hill and Carol Clay’s murder trial heard two competing accounts of how campers were murdered in March 2020. Prosecution claimed former Jetstar pilot Gregory Lynn murdered them with murderous intent due to an ongoing drone dispute, while defense alleged it may have been another motive – such as sexuality.

Dermot Dann QC, Mr Lynn’s defence counsel argued that both deaths were accidental but was unable to provide definitive proof for either. Instead, only an account was presented of how Mr Hill died and Mrs Clay being accidentally shot during an argument over an illegal firearm at Wonnangatta Valley campsite.

Lynn testified during the trial that he saw Hill take out a loaded shotgun from an unlocked car, walk back to his tent, and unarmed himself before ambushing and disarming Hill with shadowy steps. While wrestling, Lynn claimed, Hill fired his weapon into Mrs Clay’s head causing her instant death.


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