Breaking News Today – Hiking the Sunshine Coast Trail

Breaking News Today – Hiking the Sunshine Coast Trail

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The Sunshine Coast Trail is an approximately 180-kilometer long hiking trail in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The trail is maintained by the Eagle Walz Foundation to protect the local environment and develop trail infrastructure. You will need a good map to navigate the trail, and a detailed plan to get to your desired destination. There are many beautiful places along the trail to visit. If you’re interested in hiking the entire trail, there are several huts along the way, and plenty of well-marked trails.

Initially built by volunteer labour, the Sunshine Coast Trail passed through the traditional territory of the Tla’amin Nation, one of the northernmost Coast Salish nations. It also traversed through settlement lands, including the Klahoose Nation. The trail’s development is the result of PRPAWS, a volunteer organization. In addition to funding from the provincial government, local businesses and community members donate tools and expertise to support the trail’s construction.

Some of the trailheads are accessible only by driving on active logging roads. Please take extra care while driving through this area and slow down as much as possible. A mapbook of the Sunshine Coast Trail is an essential tool for navigating the trail. Wildlife such as wolves, bears, and other large mammals inhabit the area, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions to avoid encounters with them. Hikers should be aware of their surroundings, make noise to alert them to their presence, carry bear spray, and hang food and other food items. Also, make sure to pack out everything that you brought with you, including food, water, and gear.

The Sunshine Coast Trail begins and ends in Vancouver and stretches from Sarah Point to Saltery Bay. Eagle Walz, an environmentalist, was instrumental in establishing the trail in 1992. His dedication and efforts have continued to make the trail a reality. Countless volunteers have contributed to the trail’s construction and expansion. But no one can claim the Sunshine Coast Trail as the longest hut-to-hut hike in Canada. With so many benefits, it’s well worth the trip. It is a rewarding experience, and you’ll have a wonderful time.

If you’re interested in hiking the Sunshine Coast Trail, plan a two or three-day trip. Leaving Vancouver, the coast is best appreciated by spending two or three days off the beaten path. Depending on the season, the ferry may run only a few times per day. And a vehicle ferries may be your best bet during the warmer months. Then you can walk or bike on the trail, and admire the incredible vistas that surround you.

If you’re looking for a more challenging event, consider participating in a triathlon, including the XC MTB Festival. It features a 29km course from Lund to the Shingle Mill pub and bistro on Powell Lake. You can even enter a half marathon! There’s no shortage of places to get started on a trail in the Sunshine Coast! Once you’ve finished exploring all of them, you’ll be ready to tackle the next challenge!

Hiking the Sunshine Coast Trail is accessible all year round. Many of the huts are equipped with wood pellet stoves and are open on two or three sides. You can bring a backpacking tent if you’re a little more secluded or prefer privacy. The airport is located about a half-hour from Vancouver, and the trail is easily accessible from the airport. The trail is approximately 15 minutes from the airport. Once you arrive at the trailhead, you can begin your hike.

You’ll need transportation to reach Powell River, the halfway point of the Sunshine Coast trail. A ferry from downtown Vancouver to Powell River takes about an hour. Otherwise, you can drive to Powell River from downtown Vancouver, but you’ll need a car to get to the trailhead. Highway 101, though, is mostly a two-lane road that winds through rural landscape. If you plan to drive, you’ll have to make sure you time your journey so that you don’t get stuck in a crowded car.

Sunshine Coast Trail is a massive grass-roots accomplishment that has culminated with 14 handcrafted backcountry huts. This trail stretches 180km from Saltery Bay to Sarah Point. You can take it a day at a time or make a multi-day trip of it. The Sunshine Coast Trail is free to use and is open to everyone. The Powell River Parks & Wilderness Society has dedicated volunteers to care for the trail.


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