Bieber with the bird at Makepeace Island, Sunshine Coast

Bieber with the bird at Makepeace Island, Sunshine Coast

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Justin Bieber w as apparently not happy when the cameras and onlookers finally caught up with the star during his stay at the Makepeace Island, a luxury recreational island in Sunshine Coast. Seven News Sunshine Coast caught up with Justin Bieber to Richard Branson’s Makepeace Island and from across the water asked for a hello but instead the Bieb nonchalantly flipped his middle fingers yelling “F**k you” at the same time.

Security guards told 7 News the 23-year-old was enjoying time with his family and just wanted some privacy.

JUSTIN Bieber has delivered a seemingly tongue-in-cheek apology over the controversial incidence on the Sunshine Coast in his recently reactivated Instagram account, explaining the jokes come from the lines of a character in Australian TV Show, Summer Heights High.

Bieber claims he was saying “puck”, rather than the F-word, and suggests the female reporter was “on her period.”

“Sorry Ben! Motherf**ker… sorry, ranga,” says Bieber of the camera operator.

“I was doing it for fun – he just didn’t get that it was fun… there’s a difference between bullying him and joking around. I was joking around. I was punking him, sir – watch MTV for once, sir.”

On comments that not everybody would share the same humor and find it funny, Bieber replied: “I could tell them a knock-knock joke and they wouldn’t even think it was funny.”

Bieber performed at Suncorp Stadium last Monday, March 13, on his World Purpose Tour. It was initially reported that he planned to stay in Brisbane or Gold Coast, but in a last minute change of plan, opted to stay at the Sunshine Coast luxury island, a luxurious hideaway co-owned by Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Australia co-founder Brett Godfrey.

His earlier show in Melbourne had left fans feeling underwhelmed by his performance at Etihad Stadium, saying the star appeared to be “bored” and not being “at it”.

After spending the day in Melbourne, the star flew into Brisbane on his private jet where a car was waiting for him.

The singer stopped and wound down his window for a quick chat with a small group of fans before he was darted up the Bruce Highway to his Sunshine Coast hideaway.

Bieber posted a video of himself playing chess with a member of his entourage on Makepeace Island.

Nestled in coastal wilderness a few minutes upstream from Noosa Heads, Makepeace Island is a retreat able to accommodate and entertain up to 20 guests.

The 25-acre island includes an indoor bar designed for entertaining on a grand scale and a riverboat to transfer guests to and from nearby attractions.

The property’s five-star facilities include a two-storey open-aired Balinese Wantilan, a 500,000 litre lagoon pool, full sized tennis court and pavilion, spa, theatre and office facilities.

According to a website, the island is rented out exclusively for a hefty cost of $5,500 a night, plus extra charges for more than four guests and villa had been a temporary nest for a number of Hollywood stars already.

The cost for exclusive hire of the island includes staying at Richard’s private villa, includes all meals by a chef, transfers and servicing.


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